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  Are you a woman whose confidence has been stolen by vaginal odour, it smells to you and people around you have identified it as an issue?

✅  Are you a woman who experiences recurrent infections for which you have used varying medications but still not relieved?

✅  Are you a woman whose menstrual cycle is irregular? You bleed today and then wait for the next 3 to 6 months before you experience another, or your period used to be 5 days and then it has shortened to 3 or 2 days and it does not flow well as it should?

✅  Are you a woman who has been trying to conceive and the medical report says you and hubby are fine, yet no conception?

✅  Are you a woman whose other room experience is sour? I mean whenever Zaddy touches you, you cringe because you do not enjoy your intimate moment, you experience pain and bruises during and after intercourse?

✅  Are you a woman whose vagina has become loose due to childbirth and you want it to be tight again?

✅  Are you classy and elegant and want your intimate area to be fresh always and never joked with?

✅  Look no further! The solution is right here…

Vaginne is an International Award Winning Refreshing Female Intimate gel that takes care of issues of a female’s reproductive system such as Infertility, Itching, Discharges, Odours, Irregular menstrual cycle, Poor libido, Pain and Bruises during intercourse, Recurrent Infections, Vagina Dryness and so on…



A lot of women have used this product and over 90% attest to its effectiveness in restoring vaginal and reproductive health. Hear what some of them have to say…


Vaginne turned me into a Queen before my husband. He now asks me for sex despite telling me before now that I put him off – Mrs. D. O

After just 3 sticks of Vaginne, my menstrual flow which has ceased for 8 months was restored -Sis. J.

I have been married for more than 10 years and have tried all things including IVF all to no avail. Someone introduced Vaginne to me and convinced me to try. Behold after the 1st box of Vaginne, while on the 2nd one, I started feeling somehow. Behold, I got pregnant and now have my Vaginne baby – Mrs. F.

Aaaah! It really surprised me just two days of using it, no smelly Vagina odour again, the pain reduced. I am just surprised. This Vaginne is a must-use for every lady and woman. Thank GOD I didn’t waste my money – Sis. O.

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✅ Vaginne is delivered nationwide via prompt and effective delivery services.
✅ Pick up and doorstep delivery option is available.
✅ Payment on delivery is also available.

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Offer valid while stock last…

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