Here are the frequently asked questions:

  • How can I become a seller?

    Simply, Click ‘My Account’ on our Website Top Menu. Register and check the box ‘apply to become a vendor’. Ensure to read the Terms and Condition before submitting it. Once your application is submitted, you will be registered immediately and redirected to the vendor’s dashboard to update your profile. It is important to fill your name, phone number and your bank information. Also, you need to go to your shop settings to fill majorly your seller information and shop description. After this, you can start publishing your products immediately. You are free to publish as many products as you desire and we will also try our best to promote them to as many clients that will be interested in ordering them. Wow!

    Note: Kindly know that your products or services will be deleted if your name, phone number, bank information, shop description and seller information are not appropriately updated. Lastly, always use the vendor dashboard menu on the Top Menu to login back to your store at any time.

  • What products can I sell?

    You can sell any products except such things that can be termed as illegal, adult content or inappropriate. Kindly, know that we reserve the right to remove any product or ban accounts that we are not satisfied with.

  • How do I add my products or services?

    Login into your vendor’s dashboard and click on ‘Products’ in the Admin bar. There you will be able to add, edit and update products. While adding your products, kindly use the procedure below as a guideline:

    1.  Go to products menu on your vendor’s dashboard and click add new product
    2.  Write the title of the product or service
    3.  Put the product or service under a category. You will see a list of categories, just tick the one that is most relevant to your product or service. Please, don’t select a category that is not relevant to your business.
    4.  Where you see ‘Product Tags’, just add the keywords of your product and separate them with a comma.
    5.  Upload the main product image where you see ‘set product image‘ and upload supporting images where you see ‘Product gallery‘. Also, remember to change the Title of your image from the usual IMG- numbers to the name of the product or service you are selling.
    6.  Put your product price where you see ‘Product data’. the fixed price is the main price of your product while the sales price is the promo/discounted price.
    7.  Write a short captivating description of your product, delivery areas and the time it will take to deliver where you see ‘product short description’. You can also write a long detailed description of your product/service in the box space you will see immediately after the Product title.
    8.  Then press publish
  • How do I get paid?

    Once you list your products on our site, every order you receive can either fall into two categories of payment: Online payment or cash payment on delivery. Every online payment we receive on your behalf shall be remitted after 3 days or at the end of the week to the bank account you indicated in your shop setting. However, do take note that we will only remit to you the money for orders that have been fulfilled and completed. Therefore, once you deliver an order, you must ensure to send an email to stating that the Order with the order ID number has been delivered and completed. If you have not completed the order and you mistakenly or willfully send an email indicating that you have delivered the order, then you have defaulted and your account will be suspended. In the case that a buyer is not satisfied with an order, it is your duty to resolve this amicably. It is either you receive the goods or services back and deliver a better one or you tell us to refund the money back to the buyer.

  • What is our Commission rate?

    It is simply 10%. By selling on our site, you agree to pay Dattobs webstore a fixed 10% commission on the gross revenue from your sales made through the Dattobs webstore platform.

  • How does order delivery works?

    Please, know that it is the responsibility of the seller to deliver to the buyer at the time stipulated on the product description. Every seller must put in place an effective delivery or courier service that will ensure prompt delivery of their services. Again, every seller must ensure the average time of delivery is indicated on the product description and must comply with it. Any seller that shows the attitude of defaulting in delivering the order at the right time may forfeit his or her account.

    Once again, every seller is responsible for shipping and delivering products to their customers.  Sellers must ensure they can deliver their products to the doorsteps of the buyers’ address. Please, don’t join if you can’t fulfill or deliver your products or services. Effective delivery services and pickups (in case of product return by buyer) must be put in place by you.

    ***Note: If your type of business will not support ‘cash on delivery’, ensure you indicate on the product description that you don’t accept cash on delivery. This is very important particularly if you drop ship to customer’s address and will not be physically available to take cash.

  • How do I know if someone orders my product?

    Once you login to your vendor’s dashboard, you will see all your orders by clicking the order button. More so, you will also get a mail notification.

  • Am I protected as a buyer? How can I avoid being scammed?

    Yes, all our buyers are protected. In the case that you make an ‘online-payment’ order from any of our sellers, we will keep your money in escrow until the order is fulfilled. If in the long run, you are not satisfied with the delivery and still can’t resolve it with the seller, we will make full repayment of your money back to you except if you paid on delivery. Any money you pay on delivery shall be resolved between you and the seller.

    More so, every buyer must ensure to check the necessary information about a seller or product to be purchased. A Seller that does not indicate address, delivery time and other important information on the shop and product descriptions may turn out to be a  scam. Sometimes, positive reviews on a product page are indications of good customers’ experience.