Glow like Desewa set and Dazzle like Dejoke set


Who doesn’t love their skin glowing and dazzling?But before the skin can glow and Dazzle,You need to pamper it with right and safe Natural Cosmetics free from any harsh chemicals,and that’s what Zoekaino Cosmetics offers.

Each set consists of;


lightening/glow Soap

Body and face Scrub

Face cleanser

lightening/glow oil

Body lotion

face cream


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ZoeKaino cosmetics is a health and beauty brand with a range of products that are packed with therapeutic and healing properties.Our products are made from exotic oils,butters and herbs.
Our purpose is to provide personalized skincare solutions using the best possible ingredients.
We are on a mission to produce safe and healthy alternatives to beauty and household products.
Our core values are integrity,commitment and quality excellence