How does order delivery works?

Please, know that it is the responsibility of the seller to deliver to the buyer at the time stipulated on the product description. Every seller must put in place an effective delivery or courier service that will ensure prompt delivery of their services. Again, every seller must ensure the average time of delivery is indicated on the product description and must comply with it. Any seller that shows the attitude of defaulting in delivering the order at the right time may forfeit his or her account.

Once again, every seller is responsible for shipping and delivering products to their customers.  Sellers must ensure they can deliver their products to the doorsteps of the buyers’ address. Please, don’t join if you can’t fulfill or deliver your products or services. Effective delivery services and pickups (in case of product return by buyer) must be put in place by you.

***Note: If your type of business will not support ‘cash on delivery’, ensure you indicate on the product description that you don’t accept cash on delivery. This is very important particularly if you drop ship to customer’s address and will not be physically available to take cash.

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