How do I get paid?

Once you list your products on our site, every order you receive can either fall into two categories of payment: Online payment or cash payment on delivery. Every online payment we receive on your behalf shall be remitted after 3 days or at the end of the week to the bank account you indicated in your shop setting. However, do take note that we will only remit to you the money for orders that have been fulfilled and completed. Therefore, once you deliver an order, you must ensure to send an email to stating that the Order with the order ID number has been delivered and completed. If you have not completed the order and you mistakenly or willfully send an email indicating that you have delivered the order, then you have defaulted and your account will be suspended. In the case that a buyer is not satisfied with an order, it is your duty to resolve this amicably. It is either you receive the goods or services back and deliver a better one or you tell us to refund the money back to the buyer.

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